Speciality in Administration

Comisario Naval / Hotel Officer

With ship safety and marine environment protection training

Why would a cruise line have any interest in hiring a Comisario Naval/Hotel Officer?

A Cruise, as any business unit, must contribute to the Business purpose, in the same way a floating five-star hotel does, which main purpose and foundation is the satisfaction and service to the client. To this effect, it is necessary that the activities carried out on board, besides navigation and propulsion related activities, include those related to the provision of hotel services, commercial and administrative-financing management, in addition to other related services.

The Comisario Naval/Hotel Officer is the appropriate person to carry out such functions.

Navigation requires Officers to receive training in matters related to the prevention of emergencies, care for people, ship and environment protection, guarantee of compliance with national and international regulations, among others.

The Comisario Naval/ Hotel Officer possesses this training.

In addition, as the purpose of the IMO is to achieve a “Safer Navigation and Cleaner Seas”, which requires highly qualified maritime crews, the Comisario Naval/Hotel Officer training deals with a specific safety ship and marine environment protection training, fulfilling advisory and prevention functions in accordance with current regulations and the Ship Operator’s requirements, as the case may be. It is complemented with a Pollution Prevention and Antartic Enviroment Preservation training

The Comisario Naval/Hotel Officer receives this training.

The training includes the following: administration, coordination of the passengers, control and monitoring of legal, technical and economic documentation of the Comisario Naval/Hotel Officer, responding to recurring demands from the International Maritime Organization with regard to working steadily in pursuit of cleaner seas and a sustainable maritime environment.

The Comisario Naval/Hotel Officer receives this training.

Comisario Naval/Hotel Officer on Cruise Ships
  • Responsible for specific tasks of the Hotel Department, which includes those activities inherent to the service, administrative and statutory/legal activities, as well as those activities arising from the interaction with the Authorities at each port.
  • At present, this Department comprises qualified personnel in the land hotel industry. In this case, we have an Officer especially born for the activity, with specific nautical training, as well as ship safety and marine environment protection training.
  • An industry professional who will acquire experience in the Food & Beverage, Housekeeping, Provisions, Inventory, Guest Services and other Sub-Departments.
  • Therefore, we will have a Merchant Marine Officer trained in the Hotel Department where he will pursue his career plan.
  • Who will contribute to the protection of the ship.
  • Who will participate in the prevention of pollution and in the protection of the marine environment.
  • Who will ensure the compliance with current rules and legislation.
  • Who will participate and train to prevent, control and fight against fires on board.
  • Who will give first-aid and collaborate with any required medical care.
  • Who will monitor compliance with legal requirements related to his functions and other general requirements.
  • Who will contribute to the safety of passengers and crew.
  • Who will become, in case of being nominated, Ship Safety Officer.
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